This week I wanted to mix it up a bit by doing some digital art as well as practicing some neotraditional tattoo art. I wanted to focus on the roses themselves so drawing a simple vase didn’t take your eye away from the main focus of the piece.

Little work in progress shot

I’m quite happy the way I drew the roses and using procreate made this a lot less stressful lining the drawing, being able to redraw any parts I wasn’t happy with it.

A cool little trick I learned was to add a white line around my drawing. Usually I would put my drawings into photoshop and add the white line but taking this extra program out of my workflow has saved me some time

I took the time to film a timelapse of this design. Head over to my Youtube to check out more art videos. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest content.

Do you love this design? You can now purchase this design from either my Redbubble or society6 shops.


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