The initial sketch idea came to me while staring out the window of the speeding train, watching the birds flying high above me. I turned back to my blank notebook and wondered what bird I could draw in a neat little design but also fit in with my style of drawing. I started to draw my familiar framing for many of my nautical themed pieces, a traditional tattoo rose and a circle of rope. Once this was drawn I had decided to create a little beach scene and add a flamingo in to give the vibe of a flamingo in its natural habitat.

I took the time to film a timelapse of the rest of the design. As this sketch was done while on the train I don’t have that part filmed but you can watch the rest of the process. Head over to my Youtube to check out more art videos. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest content.

Do you love this design? You can now purchase this design from either my Redbubble or society6 shops.

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