New YouTube video week!

This year it is my goal to try and create more designs. In an attempt to do this I have decided to upload a new video to my YouTube channel every 2 weeks. I feel like 26 designs in a year is an achievable goal; we shall see.

Last week I completed a classic tattoo design of a gramophone and rose, a staple in any traditional tattooist arsenal. I don’t draw too many Gramophone’s, well let me rephrase that I’ve only painted one previously.

This time I wanted to draw a gramophone with copic markers my favourite art supply. I used heavy greys and black for the main shading, this is very common for traditional tattoos and then used the standard 5 colours all used in the American traditional tattoo era.

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If you think my design is cool and want it as a print, sticker or on some other kind of merch, I have added this design to my redbubble store and Society6. Check out some examples below.
I have added this design to my redbubble store and Society6.

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Do you have a favourite traditional tattoo design? Tell me in the comments below. You might see the design in my art style later this year.


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