Are you having trouble finding inspiration for your next creative endeavour?
Don’t worry this a common phase that happens to all artists.  Below are some of my go to activities that I do when this happens. Hopefully these 10 ways can help you push your art block and create your next masterpiece.

Take a Break 

Leaving the house or your studio for a couple of hours can relieve the build up of frustration and stress of trying to create your next masterpiece. Go for a walk to your local market of coffee shop, take a drive through the countryside or go for a hike the change of scenery gives you a fresh perspective.

Take Photos

See something that you like on your daily travels? Take a photo, you may thank yourself later when you look through your photos for idea’s as you took the photos because it inspired you at the time.

Visit Your Local Art Gallery

Take a trip to your local gallery and check other artists work. It’s always interesting to see how other artists approach subject matters incorporating their style and techniques.


Books are a great source of reference, go to your local library or bookshop and flick through some that interest you. If you have a collection of reference books at home sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and go through your own collection.

The Internet

The internet is an abundant source to get ideas from, take a browse through your favourite sites. A favourite of mine is scrolling through my Pinterest feed it never fails to get ideas popping into my head.

Old Sketch Books 


Get your old sketchbooks out this is a great place to find some hidden gems that you have forgotten about. You may find some designs that never made it out of the sketch book the first time but a fresh perspective can spark some new ideas.

Motivational Videos

Go to YouTube or watch a TED talk on something that interests you or on a topic motivation in general. Listening to some talk about motivation can change your current mindset giving you that positive push to get you through your current artist block.

Learn a New Technique

Teach yourself a new art technique, trial new ways of creating your style of art can give that ah-ha moment and explode with lots of new ideas.


Sketch/write anything that comes to mind this will stimulate your mind helping form new ideas. No idea is bad, brain storming helps you to get all your ideas out in to the open and seeing it in front of you helps fine tune your ideas.

Have Multiple Projects on the Go 

Having multiple art projects on the go, gives your mind a change of pace. Distracting you from the mental block, going back at a later time with a fresh head space can really help.

These are just a few idea’s that I find helpful when I am struggling to come up with new ideas and of course there are hundreds of other ways help give you inspiration.
Do you have a go to inspiration source? Let me know in the comments below.

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      1. I teach creative writing classes several times a week, and my duty is to come up with fun writing prompts to give them a boost to get going. So, I haven’t had a block in a long time, since I make myself write with the prompts also. However, when I’m working on a novel (as I am now) I do get blocked because I worry about what’s to come in the next chapter. My critique group reminds me to not think about the future chapters, just one little prompt at a time. That helps.


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